8 Egg-cellent Kitchen Hacks To Seriously Up Your Egg Game

1. Humpty Dumpty Egg Cups

Humpty Dumpty Egg Cup - 5 pieces 

They say the first bite is with the eye, level up your presentation with these colourful egg cups. 

Bonus - these food-safe silicone egg cups won’t shatter into a thousand pieces if they have a great fall from a wall or your table, although we can’t say the same for the egg..


2. Impressively Simple Moulds

Perfect Egg Fryer

The best-laid plans are all about the preparation. Impress your family and friends with rabbit, owl and pirate omelettes without cracking a sweat. 

Bonus - use these with pancake batter and food colouring for a sweet treat.


3. Perfect Poachers

Add these perfect poachers to a shallow pan of water and watch as your eggs poach perfectly every time. 

Bonus - these poachers double up as non-tip bowls to add a bit of flair to your breakfast plate 


4. Auto Whisk

Save your wrists with this unbeatable auto whisk, just press down until you’ve got perfectly fluffy eggs. 

Bonus - use this to froth warm milk for a latte with your breakfast


5. Multi Mini Omelette Maker

For when you’ve got lots of little mouths to feed, or you’re in the mood for lots of little omelettes. 

Bonus - add different ingredients into each segment while the egg’s cooking for the perfect breakfast mixture


6. Stainless Steel Egg Separator

Gym bunnies only want the whites? Only want the yolks for a yummy custard? Not a problem with this super simple egg separator.

Bonus - did you know you can freeze the leftover part of the egg to use up to a year later?


7. Silicone Utensil Rest

No more messy surfaces, use these colourful, heatproof rests for your spoons, spatula and whisks while you cook. 

Bonus - the curved design means you’ll never have a whisk roll away again, ideal for home bakers


8. Perfectly Round Omelette Mould

Thick, fluffy & perfectly round omelettes every time using these colourful heat-safe omelette moulds.

Bonus - they make thick, fluffy & perfectly round pancakes too

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