9 Home Bar Ideas To Kick Off Your Perfect Summer

Get yourself ready for a post-lockdown tipple with our 9 Home Bar Ideas To Kick Off Your Perfect Summer


1. Copper Mugs

Keep your cold drinks colder for longer by poping these mugs in the freezer before pouring your favourite cocktail. 


2. Cocktail Shaker

Shake up your usual drinks order and look like a pro. 


3. Straws

Add a little flair to your drinks while doing your bit to save the turtles & the world. 


4. Ultimate Cocktail Maker Set

Stepping up your cocktail game just got a whole lot easier with this stylish cocktail set. A must-have to make our top 10 cocktails of all time! 


5. Wall Mounted Spirit Dispenser

Add a professional edge to your home bar and pour the perfect measure every time with this wall mounted spirit dispensing station.


6. Reusable Chilling Stones


Never water down a cocktail again! These reusable chilling stones freeze fast, stay frozen for longer & don't dilute your drinks. 



7. Cocktail measuring glass

    No need to go hunting through cupboards for cocktail recipies and measuring jigs with this handy cocktail measuring glass. All of the classics with printed ingredient guidelines so your pour the perfect cocktail every time.


    8. Tiki Mugs

    25ml Light Rum

    25ml Golden Rum

    25ml Dark Rum

    Squeeze of Fresh Lemon

    Squeeze of Fresh Lime

    Pour over a Tiki Mug full of ice 

    Top with Pineapple & Orange Juice

    You’ve just made a Zombie Cocktail


    9. Bar Signs

    And finally, one of the best ways to give your home bar that much-missed pub feeling is to add some of these awesome signs to your collection. There’s a huge amount to choose from, which ones would look great in your home?

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