Yoga-na LOVE These 5 Yoga Must Haves

1. The Ultimate Yoga Mat

Where does your downward dog end and your cobra begin? Find your centre with ease with this lightweight, non-slip perfect alignment yoga mat. 

Perfect for complete beginners and seasoned yogis alike. 


2. Yoga Grip Towel

More grip, less slip. Yoga is hard enough without sliding off the mat.

Perfect for giving your old yoga mat more grip, or for laying over shared mats at classes.


3. Foam Block

Support your body while you ease into stretches, prop your leg up for a deeper splits or save your knees while you lunge. 

Use one to bring the ground closer to you during your triangle pose or to support your lower back during bridge pose.


4. Yoga Ring

First seen in pilates, these resistance rings will take your training to the next level letting you target and tone your abs, legs and arms. 

Putting your feet inside the ring, rest the easy grip pads against your calves and push out to tone your outer hips!


5. Foam Roller

A must have for any gym goer, yoga enthusiast or living room work out beginner.

Use it to warm up your muscles before a session, stretch out afterwards or relieve aches and pains for the days after those workouts you pushed yourself hard! 

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